Telugu MBBS Doctor SMS Jokes

Telugu MBBS Doctor SMS Jokes:

SIR: Nuvvu em kaavalukuntunav?
STUDENT: Nenu MBBS chadivi, Police Ayyi,Manchi software company lo, lawyerga work chesi pedda pedda building lu kattukuntu collector ga job chesukunta
SIR: orey nijam chepu ra nuvu balakrishna fan kada..,??


Bal: Nenu kuda jagan la odarpu yatra cheddam anukuntunnara
Zunior: enduku babai?
Bal: mana cinemalu choosi chanipoyina varikosam
Zunior: nuvu keka babai


Bal: Doctor, this Bucket has got a hole. Can you please repair it?
Doctor: Stupid. you knw who iam?
Bal: Of course I heard that you are a famous "Plastic Surgeon"


nuvvu yenchu kunna ragam yenti padutunna pata yenti.....takita takita takita 4-6,takita tadimi tadimi 5-4,memu mimmalni yekkadiko tesukeldam anukuntamu kani meeru ikkade vuntaru............


sevam meeda marmaralu yeruku tine vadi mohamunu nuvvu...........potav ra rei nasanam ayi potavu.................

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  1. Sir I wanted to ask a question about my current situation , I have finished my medical school from AIMS( Amrita Institute of Medical Science) , Cochin , India in 2010.
    I have done a research in oncology division , and have presented it in a conference.I have also worked with a few students from NYU for a collaborated research , which was recently presented in the Washington Breast cancer conference.
    I am interested to do my residency in the US , I gave my step 1 on dec 2010 and got a score of 80. I want to join internal medicine and peruse my dream in oncology.
    the reason why I am writing this mail is to ask your advise on how to get around this , as I understand with a low score my chances of matching in residency is reduced, but with a higher score on step 2 can I reverse the damage done?
    I would be really great full if you could advise me on this.
    ALOKA UST-9126