Live temperature in Bangalore

Bangalore's weather is very pleasant all through the year.
Summers (Months : March to May) are very pleasant in Bangalore. It has mild climate with a maximum temperature of 34°C even in summers and due to this the city is worth to visit in summers.

Todays temperature of Bangalore:

Monsoons (Months: June to August) are the monsoon periods in Bangalore; winds with mild to heavy rains. September to October offers monsoon with rainy days.
Winters (Months: November to February) are the coolest period with temperature falling near to 10°C.
Even though one can make a picnic trip to Bangalore all through year, best season to visit is September to February, to enjoy the posh celebrations coinciding with the festivals.
September to February is ideal period to visit in and around Bangalore. It is better to keep some winter clothes. Nights may be chill.
March to August is also good for sight seeing and long trips to nearby attractions.
Bangalore is really a very good city to visit,mainly because of its weather and temperature conditions. :)

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